The Collection Of Confidence Review – Eric Von Sydow (Hypnotica)?

You already have the confidence INSIDE you...

You already have the confidence INSIDE you…

It’s not too often that I really get excited to talk about a dating/attraction program, but today is one of those days! There’s a new course that just came out by a guy named Eric Von Sydow (he’s also known as Hypnotica) that I think is going to go down in history as one of the sickest programs ever created… It’s called: “The Collection Of Confidence”.

This is a review – Click Here for the Official Collection Of Confidence website…

You might be wondering what’s so special about this program, to cause me to praise it so highly. I mean seriously, dudes are coming out with new pickup guides and online training products on a weekly basis these days, and most of them are pretty whack… So what makes this different?

That is what I will attempt to answer in this short, unbiased review. I’ll start by giving you a little background on Eric, the program’s creator, and then do my best to explain how the system actually works and the reason that I think it’s so unique. Then, I’ll finish up giving you my personal opinion on it, and my recommendation as far as what kind of guy would probably find this training the most helpful…

What’s The Story Behind The Collection Of Confidence?

One thing that stands out about this program is the fact that it was made my a guy who is a legend in this field of helping men to improve their lives and succeed with women. Eric is one of the first guys to teach this stuff and is considered by top dating gurus like David DeAngelo, and Neil Strauss to be one of their greatest mentors.

And he’s been teaching this stuff the whole time, working with students and refining everything. I think the reason he isn’t more famous on a mainstream level is because he hasn’t been focused on marketing or selling himself the way some other guys do, but I think that the stuff he teaches is a lot more authentic and powerful, because he is really serious about actually helping guys. This comes across big time when he is on camera, like in this video… He just comes across as a really solid, authentic guy.

Anyhow, in his program Eric focuses on helping guys to overcome the #1 thing that holds them back – lack of confidence.

How Does Eric Von Sydow/Hypnotica’s System Work?

I love the premise of this program. Basically, rather than just trying to teach you a bunch of tips and tricks the way that most dating or pickup guides do, The Collection Of Confidence is about curing the ROOT CAUSE for a guy’s lack of success.

Most of the time guys are looking for little things they can do to give them an advantage, like a routine, or a line, or some little gimmicky thing they can do to get a women to feel attracted. And sure, there are a lot of cool things that different guys have come up with over the years that really do work…

The problem is – if you aren’t confident, none of those things are going to work for you very often, if at all. Lets face it, if you have confidence issues you aren’t gonna have the balls to approach women, and you won’t be giving of a confident vibe so attractive women certainly won’t be trying to start conversations with you.

In TCOC (The Collection Of Confidence) you learn how to stop the voice in your head that discourages, and criticizes you. Basically, it stops all that monkey chatter caused by the negative conditioning you’ve absorbed over the years, so that you can be like a clean slate again and let your natural confidence emanate forth the way that it was always supposed to!

Sounds pretty good I must say…

TCOC PROs And Cons:

Pro #1) Attacks the ROOT cause. As I mentioned TCOC is about fixing the thing that is really stopping you from attracting women. It’s kinda crazy to me that there aren’t more courses that focus on this, since it is so critically important.

Pro #2) Not stuff you’ve heard before. As a guy who has read, listened to, watched etc… more dating info products than anybody probably ever should, I can tell you that this material is without a doubt not anything you’ll find in any other program. All fresh stuff from the mind of Hypnotica, designed to make you an attraction magnet.

Pro #3) Don’t need to do anything weird or fake. Probably the best thing about this program is the fact that there really isn’t much you need to “do” to make the system work. You just do some simple exercises that Eric designed, and then just go forth into the world. The exercises do the work to let your confidence start coming out, and then you will automatically start acting in a very confident way that women are irresistibly attracted to. This is a biggie, because for me, I can’t stand dating guides that try to get you to do some weird unnatural routines…

Con #1) Can Find More “Outer Game” Stuff Elsewhere. Obviously there are some guys who are already pretty much champions when it comes to the whole confidence thing. If you’re a dude who is completely fearless when it comes to talking to hot random women, and moving things forward with them, then you might not need this program, because that’s the main focus here.

That said, I consider myself to be a highly confident guy (and I already have a hot GF) and there is still a ton of stuff in here that I’m gonna be using to take my confidence to the next level and just become unstoppable.

My guess is that there is really only a very small percentage of guys who couldn’t benefit from this training.

The Verdict…

The truth is that most guys drop the ball when they are face to face with the kind of women they really want. Guys freeze up, and don’t know how to kick any kind of game at all because they have confidence issues.

I know because that was me for a long time.

For me, getting these kind of core confidence issues handled has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me, both in terms of my success with women, as well as just in terms of my overall enjoyment of life. So if your confidence is something you think could use some improvement then I definitely, without hesitation, recommend Eric as the man to learn from…

There’s nobody teaching this stuff who comes anywhere close… Click Here to Get Instant Access To The Collection Of Confidence Now!

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Advanced Dating Techniques Review – Is It David DeAngelo’s Best?

chick for double your dating advanced dating techniques

Most Guys Never Learn…

Alright, recently I’ve been complaining a bit about the lack of high quality new dating guides. So, in today’s post I decided I wanted to switch things up and talk about a program that has been out for a while, that you may not have heard of before – David DeAngelo’s “Advanced Dating Techniques”…

This is a review – Click Here for the Official Advanced Dating Techniques website…

This program is unique because it’s not just some little ebook some “PUA” guy made with his methods for picking up chicks. Instead, it’s like a complete course on female psychology and attracting women – and you also get a complete arsenal of advanced “techniques” for everything (making a good first impression, getting her number, getting a date, making your move etc…)

In this review I’ll give you a little background on the program’s creator David D., explain about everything that comes with the program, and give you my personal opinion on the course and it’s most valuable takeaways.

Basic Info On The ADT And It’s Creator David DeAngelo…

If you have studied any dating advice at all, you have probably heard the name David DeAngelo… His Double Your Dating program was the first “dating guide” I ever bought way back in 2005… And the things I’ve learned from David over the years have definitely helped me to massively improve my life, with women and otherwise.

David D. is the first guy to ever get really famous for teaching this stuff and he is responsible for launching the careers of many of the big name dating gurus because he featured them in his programs and his monthly interview series that used to come with Double Your Dating.

The thing I always liked best about David D. was the fact that his stuff is intended for normal guys. He’s not flashy. I like that he seems humble and doesn’t have a big ego like a lot of guys who teach dating advice. And the stuff he teaches is clear, straight forward advice about women that actually works.

Clearly David DeAngelo is a very analytical dude. He thinks about this stuff deeply and he breaks down and explains things in a way that clearly works for a lot of guys. It’s heavy on real psychology and basically free from any gimmicky crap.

David’s ADT (Advanced Dating Techniques) is probably his most popular video training program because it basically covers all the bases. You can look at it almost like a toolset that you can take and use and go forward out into the world with and just basically dominate your path…

And ADT basically eliminates the need to keep buying new ebooks and trying new “flavor-of-the-month” attraction methods, because you have pretty much all the information and techniques that you are ever gonna need all in one place.

What You Get…

The structure of this program starts you off building up your inner-game a foundation of confidence. This is a very good idea in my opinion because really all of your success with women starts inside of you.

Lets face it, most guys are afraid to improve their game and start interacting with very attractive women. Thats why it is cool that Dave gives you so much material on how to get rid of that fear and amping up your confidence so you have your head on straight about all this stuff.

Then, you move on to learn all the different techniques. These are for everything from meeting women, to using your body language to turn her on, to word-for-word lines that are proven to get the desired response.

And one of the best things about this program is that it’s not just David that you learn from. There are hours of trainings with other experts that you probably have never heard of because they are real experts and not just so-called “dating gurus”.

As far as the product itself, after you order it you get 18+ hours of HD video material, which is delivered digitally so that you can start watching right away.

You can also get an optional audio CD with it which is just a couple bucks more. I don’t really use CDs anymore (kinda old school), but hey some people may like this option.

Then there is an accompanying workbook which I think is handy because its nice to have something to follow along with and write little notes in the margins.

Another feature you will be thankful for is the detailed track listing. This is important when you have almost a full day’s worth of content, so you can easily find your favorite parts of the program so you can rewatch them whenever you want…


PRO 1) The Confidence Stuff is killer… I know that the word confidence gets over used in the dating advice world. But the truth is that its important. Because nothing else works if you are a Wuss at heart. And David D. is the man for getting rid of that inner-wuss.

PRO 2) Complete Tool-Box Of techniques… One thing that works right along with confidence is feeling that you are always prepared, and with this you are getting techniques for everything. Literally EVERYTHING.

CON 1) May Seem Too SLOW At First… The thing to bear in mind here is that Dave is a very chill guy. He’s not a fast talker, and the fact that the program starts off on the inner game stuff might cause some guys to tune out a bit. This is problem because in my opinion this transformational inner game stuff is really the most important if you are serious about dramatic long-term success. So you may want to watch that part several times. The content with David’s guest is a little more fast paced, so that will perk you up for sure and give you some techniques that you can take action on right away.

My Opinion And Recommendation On David DeAngelo’s Advance Dating Techniques:

One of the problems with a lot of dating guides is that they are incomplete. They give you a couple cool ideas, and then you move on to something else…

The great thing about this course is the fact that it really gives you everything from A to Z that you need to get out there and start actually dating a variety of hot women.

Just be sure that you actually take the time to properly consume all the content. One mistake a lot of people (including myself at times) do, is they start watching a video training course, and then then never get to the end of it.

I think this program will definitely get the best results for guys who are already really serious about improving their dating lives and are looking for a way to totally transform their reality with women.

If that sounds like you then I’d definitely recommend getting these advanced techniques fo yourself. Click here to Download David DeAngelo’s Advanced Dating Techniques Now!

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The Hottest Summer Style Tips For Guys (For 2015)

fashion couple at the beach

Look Good This Summer…

The Summer is heating up… and if you’re a single dude then you definitely want to be looking your best so you can attract some babes and get yourself some summer- lovin’.

So, in today’s post I’m gonna drop some quick style-tips for you to help make sure you are looking good and stylish this summer.

Tip #1) Get your T-Shirts tailored

I know what you may be thinking… Who the heck takes their t-shirts to the tailor, right? Most guys rarely see a tailor, and when they do its for stuff like suits, slacks, and sports coats, not something as casual and pedestrian as T-shirt!

But here’s the thing. Most of us wear T-shirts a lot in the summer. Shit, some of us sport T-shirts (and no other over-shirt) practically every day – from early spring to late fall. And if you are wearing T-shirts that often then it only makes sense to make sure that your Tees are fitting you properly.

For some reason it seems like most shirts (at least in America) are built for short, fat people. This creates a big problem for a lot of average and taller guys because we can have trouble finding shirts that are long enough, without being overly baggy. This is a quick and cheap fix for a tailor to do.

These days there are more options to buy “slim-fit” Tees, and those can be a good option. But in the end no shirt is going to look better than one which has been customized to fit you like a glove. And that include T-shirts!

Tip #2) Stop wearing cargo shorts and jorts

Back in the 90s I loved me some cargo shorts. Oh they were so cool. With all the pockets, and all the room for my equipment, I was in heaven.

These days however there has been a real backlash against cargo shorts. Its kind of insane how intense some people get in their tirades against this style of garment. But, for whatever reason, women really seem to hate cargo shorts and think they are for sloppy dudes. So, if you want to look fly and fashionable its time to invest in some smaller shorts with less pockets.

This all being the case – I’m still planning on keeping my old cargo shorts and jorts (jean shorts) until they come back into style in 20 years or whatever… I’m gonna be prepared!

Tip #3) Go easy with the tanning

Listen, if you’re from New Jersey and already have the Gotti blowout haircut, then by all means have at it. However if you are like most guys, do yourself a favor and limit your sun exposure.

A little “healthy color” is fine, but laying out all day and getting sunburned is not a good look. Everybody knows that too much sun damage can lead to premature aging as well as serious skin conditions and health problems. And, walking around with a sunburn makes you look ignorant and foolish about these risks.

You are much better off taking care of your skin so that you stay looking young and fresh. This can be done simply by avoiding too much sun, staying hydrated, and eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.

Hope you enjoyed these 3 quick tips. For more fashion and handsomeness tips from my favorite style guru checkout this informative new Video Presentation… Click To Watch: “3 Ways To Instantly Become Even More Handsome…”

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