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In today’s post I’m going to give you a detailed review of a new dating guide for men called The Sexual Activation Blueprint from an NYC dating coach named Craig Miller.

This is a review, click here for the Official Sexual Activation Blueprint Webpage.

I haven’t been buying too many of these things lately, as I have settled into a nice little routine with my current chick, but this course really seemed to be something different so I decided to take a look at it and let you know my personal, humble but accurate opinion on it.

So, what makes this Sexual Attraction Blueprint course so different?

Like I said, I’ve slowed down on consuming these types of courses because most of them are just rehashed versions of some lame PUA crap from 2005, but Craig’s Sexual Activation Blueprint (SAB) actually seemed different enough that it actually was able to effectively grab my attention.

One of the main differences is that rather than just being based on one guy’s opinions on what “should” work SAB is based on a massive amount of hard statistical government data. These guys studied the exact words and phrases that men have used to make women want to have sex with them, and then Craig put it all into this program. And, Craig has real hidden camera footage of himself in action use the SAB, so you can trust that this isn’t just some BS that some guy dreamed up in his mother’s basement.

How It Works…
Probably the most important concept behind how the system actually works is the science of “Predictive Behavioral Modeling” or “PBM” for short. I know, it sounds a bit high-tech and all, but I’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms for you. Basically, PBM is a way of predicting what people are going to do next using these advanced algorithms that crunch a lot of data.

PBM is best known for being using by websites like Amazon that are able to predict buyer behavior, so that they know to show you particular ads and so forth, based on what they “predict” that you will respond to. And while that is pretty fascinating in and of itself, the exciting part of all of this is that these same systems can now be applied to predict FEMALE mating behavior so that you can know with a high degree of statistical accuracy what types of things she will respond to. You do those things, and next thing you know she’s down to bone it out!

I was happy to see that the program didn’t require doing anything “weird” that would have required a huge leap of faith on my part. In fact a lot of the stuff in the program seems so simple that you might not think that it would work at first, but it’s really easy to do, because as I said it doesn’t require any outlandish behavior, or pick-up wackiness. The best part in my opinion is that SAB takes the guesswork out of the picture – you just follow the blueprint and get the predictable results.

What’s Included In The Sexual Activation Blueprint?
One nice thing about Craig’s program is that he makes it really easy to get started. The whole system is available on his website, so you can just log in and get instant access rather than having to download a bunch of stuff. The core part of the program explain everything you need to know to use the SAB system, and then there are also a few other bonuses in there for you as well.

The “Hookup Acceleration Guide” is a handy little crib sheet that you can use to speed things up when you come accross a chick who appeals to you. I’d recommend printing it out so you can keep it in your back pocket for easy access, although perhaps I’m just old-school since you could just as easily access it over your phone.

Then there’s also another program you get free called the “Girlfriend Blueprint” which is basically another blueprint that can be used in much the same way as SAB to get a girl to want to be your girlfriend.

Do I Recommend?
My favorite thing about this program is the fact that it makes everything so predictable. With a lot of dating guides it can really feel like you are just taking shots in the dark sometimes, hoping that somehow or another you are able to “get lucky”, and that is not for me. This is a great program for guys who want a set blueprint to follow. Click Here For Instant Access To The Sexual Activation Blueprint…



metrosexual man grooming

You don’t need to go full metrosexual to be a handsome dude…

Okay guys, here’s the deal.  If you want to get anywhere in life these days, you’ve got to know how to handle your manliness.  And by that I mean, you better know how to properly groom yourself. Otherwise, you’re not going to get anywhere, not only with the ladies, but in your professional life as well.

Sure, there’s more that goes into being a handsome man that just keeping up on your grooming. You also want to maintain a lean fit body, sans man-boobage, and you want to dress like a stud too, of course. But hygiene and good grooming are the foundation for being a handsome man. If you aren’t well groomed then it won’t matter how well dressed you are or how sick your abs look, because nobody takes a sloppy ungroomed man seriously.

I’m looking forward to writing a detailed post on men’s fashion in the near future as this is a key component to cultivating your handsomeness, but for now here are some tips on how to be handsome by making sure that you’re well groomed and ready to take on all the challenges that life throws your way:

Tip Number One: Keep Those Fingernails Clean And Clipped.  This is a mistake a lot of guys make.  They think no one will notice their nails.  Unfortunately, even if you’re impeccably dressed and well groomed, no one will look past unsightly and untrimmed nails. In particular women notice a guy with messy nails and it is a huge turn-off. I don’t know how to say this without being crude, but think about it this way… When you are intimate with a woman your fingers will literally be INSIDE of her, so obviously she is going reject dudes with scraggly long, dirty nails on sight.

Tip Number Two: Trim Those Unsightly Nose Hairs!  This one is sort of a no-brainer guys.  No one wants to be talking to you and notice that your nose hairs morph into your mustache.  It’s really not something we should see in today’s civilized society.

Tip Number Three: Brush Those Teeth!  Let’s face it fellas.  If you don’t brush your teeth (and floss too!) people will take notice, and not in a good way.  If you want to keep your those pearly whites glistening, you’ve got to keep up on the dental hygiene. And, as with nail care, having a clean fresh mouth is particularly important if you are interested in locking lips with any sort of respectable female. No chick wants to be swapping spit with a guy with a who bunch of plaque and gingivitis. So don’t slack on your brushing, get an Oral-B electric toothbrush and some floss and use those shits twice daily. It’s probably a good idea to get a cleaning every six months too.

Tip Number Four:  Shave The Hair Off Your Ears!  You don’t want to walk around looking like an alien with long tendrils protruding from your ear holes, do you?  No!  You better trim those if you want to be accepted as an upstanding member of society.

Tip Number Five: Bath Regularly.  This may seem like common sense.  But trust me, some dudes, just didn’t get the memo on this one.  Body odor can be a serious impediment to your personal and professional life. My suggestion is to invest in some good smelling body wash and some type of an exfoliating scrub as well for deep cleaning your pores.

Getting these 5 things handled is the first step to being a handsome dude who attracts women and gets respect from his fellow man. Next up, you want to make sure that you are hitting that gym, and dressing yourself like a high staus male, for information on the latter this video may prove rather helpful… Good day sir!


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