“Black Monday” August 24, 2015: Is The Situation Really That Bad?

If you do any investing you probably noticed a dip that occurred last Monday August 24.

(Note: I do not agree with the opinions expressed in the following YouTube video, I have included it for illustrative purposes only.)


Maybe you lost a lot of money, maybe you lost a little. But unless you are an absolute investment genius, chances are some of your investments lost some value.

But the question is… just how bad is the situation really?

I posted the video above to show one side of the discussion – the guys saying that the end is coming soon and that our entire economy is on the verge of collapse.

On the other hand you have people who really aren’t that concerned and see what happened on “Black Monday” as merely a fluctuation in the market, which has been doing very well for several years now since the great recession of 2007-2009.

As this article on BusinessInsider.com points out, “GDP data due out next week could push the second-quarter growth rate above 3 percent, economists at Credit Suisse noted late last week, bringing the annual growth rate for the first six months of the year close to 2 percent, or just about what it’s been in recent years.”

I don’t know, I’m not a fancy-schmancy stock market “expert”, but that doesn’t sound so bad to me…

In the end, it’s up to each of us as investors to decide what we believe and try to make as much sense as we can about what is going on in the market. You may side with the “the sky is falling” doomsday types, or you may have a sunnier outlook. But the one thing I know is that no matter what the stock market does on a day-to-day basis there are going to be some people throwing up their hands, and others who are totally cool with it…

After all, following the great recession there have been more newly made millionaires than at any time in the history of the world. So there’s that…

My opinion? It’s all good! 

Really, listening to what some dude on the internet with a podcast or whatever thinks, is just a big waste of time. The truth is that powerful people are pulling the strings behind the scenes, and the average investor can never really know the truth of what is going on.

This is a concept discussed in the new “Forex Precog” system that has just been released. I’ll be adding a full review of the program shortly, but for now you can check out the program for yourself here.

Remember, even when the market is down, the big guys are still laughing all the way to the bank.

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AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review: Is Mark Ling #1 For Affiliate Training?

man happy about AffiloJetpack

Yes! Affiliate marketing does not get easier than this…

As you have probably already heard, AffiloJetpack 2.0 is being relaunched at a special price for a limited time. In this review I’ll start by talking a bit about my own journey to success in affiliate marketing and then go on to explain what I like about the AffiloJetpack 2.0 program, and who I would recommend it for.

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First Off, Who Am I To Talk About AffiloJetPack 2.0 And Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve been a “full time” affiliate marketer since 2010, and 2015 is the fourth year in a row that I’ve made 6 figures in affiliate income, so I guess you could say that I am fairly successful at it.

So yes, it is very possible to earn a healthy income strictly as an affiliate promoting various products online. And I know a lot of other people who do it and quite a number of them make much more than I do (6 figures a month is not unheard of for affiliates who are serious about achieving financial freedom.)

That being said, I sometimes wonder why I slack off so much! I mean, I definitely would like to double and triple my income (and make 7 figures) but I guess I just like taking lots of time off to travel and hangout with my family. That’s one of the coolest things about being an affiliate marketer, you make the rules! You work as much as you want, and you are more or less in control of how much money you make.

I could go on about how affiliate marketing is the coolest way ever to earn money, but I want to get into talking about AffiloJetpack. So, I’ll just say – if you are somebody who wants to sleep in as late as you want, and get to live in a really nice house and not worry about the mortgage or anything like that, then I highly recommend getting into this… And using a proven system to get there.

That brings us to AffiloJetpack 2.0…

What Exactly Is Mark Ling’s Program All About?

Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack 2.0 is, in a nutshell, a training program and software suite that allows you to build a fully operational 5 website affiliate marketing machine. Even if you have no experience, tech skills, or content development abilities.

One of the big reasons that most people don’t get very far with affiliate marketing is because there is so much to learn and so many moving parts. After all, to be a successful affiliate you need to build quality websites, put good content on your websites, get traffic to your websites, and then figure out how to “convert” your website visitors in to customers for whatever affiliate program you are promoting.

And, each of these things has many sub-components. For instance, you need to get hosting for your website, you need to pick a content management system like WordPress, you need to do some design stuff to make it look okay, you need to pick the top converting affiliate offers to promote, and so on and so on…

Basically what Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack 2.0 system does is it gives you a “short-cut” to building out your own money-making affiliate machine, so you don’t get bogged down by trying to figure out each of these somewhat complex, but necessary parts of a successful affiliate marketing business…

With AffiloJetpack everything is pretty much done for you. You even get hosting with it. I’ll go over everything that comes with the program in a moment, and share my opinions on it, but here’s the basic overview…

Basically, AffiloJetpack gives you the training and tools to quickly build out well optimized websites that convert your visitors into cash.

When I say “build” what I mean is that you simple follow the instructions, and click a few button, and then the program will install a proven WordPress theme on your websites. And then, one of the best things is that the program gives you the exact niches where you can make the most and easiest money, and it gives you “content blueprints” you can use get top quality content on your site very easily (this is one of the best parts of the program that i’ll go into detail about below.)

What All Comes With It?

Inside Mark Ling's AffJetpack

Inside The AffiloJetpack System…

You can read exactly what comes with the program on the AffiloJetpack website (click the screenshot above for access…), but I wanted to go over the main components and share my thought on them from the perspective of somebody who does this kind of stuff everyday as part of my own affiliate business.

Component #1 – 90+ Expertly Crafted Emails

One of the key parts of making a lot of money with online marketing is building a list of subscribers who are interested in the topic of your website. As Mark explains, super-affiliates can make as much as 20K or more from a single email promotion once they have developed a tight relationship with their readers.

Most people have a hard time building a good sized list, and then even if they do get a few thousand subscribers they struggle to write out a long enough autoresponder series to monetize it effectively.

With this, you don’t need worry about any of that. You just pop this 90+ email series into your autoresponder (detailed instructions are provided) and your subscribers will receive professionally written, proven to convery emails, on autopilot. Trust me, it is so cool to come home from a day relaxing at the beach to see all the sales that came through because your autoresponder was working away for you, while you just do what you want!

COMPONENT #2 – Opt-In “Bait”

The way you get subscribers on your list is to offer them something they want in return for their email address (which you can use to market to them for years to come.) The trick is finding the right bait to convert visitors into subscribers, and you also want to be sure that they actually like it once they get it, so that you can start your relationship with them off on the right foot.

A lot of people struggle with this because creating good opt-in bait, like a special report is basically like creating a mini-product that you are offering for free. So, this is very valuable because you are getting access to professionally made opt-in bait from a guy (Mark Ling) whose companies have created dozens of highly successful products that have done many tens of millions in sales.

(Another cool thing is that these reports will have your affiliate links inside them, so you can make sales with them right away.)

COMPONENT #3 – 5 Optimized Websites — Built For You

As I mentioned, building effective websites is one of the main things that trips newbies up. With this you are getting your sites built for you, with “1-click set-up”. And then you just jump in and customize them to get them exactly how you want them…

And, to be clear, YOU own the websites. They just get them set-up and handle stuff like hosting for you.

COMPONENT #4 – A (Freaking Awesome) Way To Get Quality Content On Your Sites…

Here’s the thing, I own a lot of websites, and let me tell you, getting quality content for all of them is no walk in the park. Nowadays I’ve got system in place, but back when I was starting out I wasted a ton of time creating content myself that A) wasn’t very good and B) didn’t make me any money!

So that’s why I think this component of AffiloJetPack is so awesome.

You get 20 content “cheat sheets” that give you all of the research, idea, and niche info you need to produce all the content that you will ever need. Now, depending on your budget you may want to use these cheat sheets to write articles yourself (that’s what I did, and still do for the important stuff) or you can use these blueprints to quickly outsource 100% of your article creation. Again, this all depends on your budget and how “hand-on” you want to be with this stuff.

Either way though this will save you a ton of time and make everything much easier. Because even when you outsource content, you still need to know what you want writers to write about, and these blueprints provide everything you need which means you don’t need to do any research, idea generation, organizing etc…

And just to give you an idea of how little content is necessary, I have one website that is making me 50K+ per year with about 5 articles on it! (This is somewhat unusual, but proves my point that you definitely do not need hundreds or even dozens of articles to generate thousands per month per website.)

Also… NICHES – Pick From 18 Of The Best “Big Money” Niches

One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is that they start a website around their “passion”. Sure this sounds good in theory, and can be fun, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with making money.

If you want to make a site about a passion, go for it, but IMHO it’s best to keep these “passion projects” as side projects and focus the majority of your attention on projects that will bring in revenue (assuming that’s something you want!)

Luckily, Mark Ling is a veteran affiliate in many, many different niches and knows exactly which ones bring home the bacon. And in AffiloJetpack you just need to pick the ones you like best out of 18 proven to crush, highly profitable niche markets.

This way you don’t have to worry about picking a niche where you aren’t going to make any money.

Mark has built out complete “Jetpacks” for each of these 18 multimillion-dollar niches, and you get access to everything you need to step into these niches and start dominating (emails, content cheet sheets, etc…)

BONUS #1: – Top-Secret Traffic Strategy Workshops

You may be thinking that this all sounds pretty cool… but wondering where you are going to get traffic to your new affiliate website empire.

Traffic was definitely the hardest thing for me when I was getting started, and if forced me to spend thousands on “traffic getting training programs” and so forth in order to turn myself into the traffic expert I am today.

Thankfully, Mark is also a traffic expert (arguably much more of an expert than me) and he has included this additional training program to help ensure that you get traffic and sales coming in right away. Mark’s training focuses on 3 of the best, and most cost effective (or free) methods that all the smartest marketers are using
in 2015.

These methods include Video Marketing with YouTube, which is one of my personal favorites. Frankly, I’m shocked every month by how much money I’m making via traffic from YouTube videos. And Mike Long, the guy who teaches this training with Mark is an absolute badass, I have so much respect for this dude. I’ve been a student of his for years and the stuff he has taught me has definitely out a ton of money in my bank account and continues to to this day.

The next training is on Amazon Kindle. honestly, I haven’t done a ton with Amazon (yet) but I do have a book on there that is getting me high quality leads and making a few bucks as well. That’s the great thing about Kindle, you get the best traffic (buyer traffic) and you earn money at the same time. In fact I know people making 5K and more per month just off selling a few super cheap Kindle books.

The third video is on Solo Ads. This is amazing training on a traffic source that is killing it right now. One of the only 8-figure marketers I know recommend this as the best traffic source around because the subscribers you get from Solo-Ads are people who you already know open, read and click on links in the emails they receive and that is the exact type of people that you want on your list.

BONUS #2: – AffiloBlueprint 3.0: Step-by-step Training

This training apparently lays out the exact steps for building and perfecting your websites. The AffiloBlueprint program sells for a lot of money on it’s own (it’s currently on sale for $197 here), and walks you through how to do everything from getting organic search engine traffic, to buying PPC traffic and getting a great ROI,  to tracking, keyword research and so on.

One guy I know got this program when the original version first came out in 2009 or 2010 and started making great money right away. The last time I talked to him he was living on some island in the South Pacific just hanging out by the pool… And as far as I know he is continuing to do very well for himself while enjoying a rather hedonistic lifestyle.

So although I have yet to go through the AffiloBlueprint program myself, I can safely say that it’s been proven to work very effectively, and is generally regarded as one of the top affiliate training programs on the market.

AffiloJetPAck 2.0 Pros And Cons:

PRO #1) Comprehensive – The first thing to consider about this program is just how comprehensive it is. There is no other system available that gives you 90+ proven emails per niche, let’s you build 5 great looking sites, provides hosting, provides hours and hours of detailed training, provides up to date traffic training, provides an autoresponder service, provides content packs, research, tracking training, and so on. It’s really all you need to get up and running as fast, quickly and cheaply as possible.

PRO #2) Trusted Source – I’ve bought and promoted a lot of Internet Marketing training programs and software systems over the years. The problem is that a lot of these things are created by random dudes who aren’t necessarily going to deliver on the promises that they make. In fact, a lot of these guys are hardly what you would call “experts” in whatever it is that they are teaching. Mark on the other hand is a true professional, who has been around for over a decade and is pretty much universally respected and admired by the entire internet marketing community. You can trust that he will provide you with everything he says he will, and he has a competent staff to provide quality customer support. I even met him once briefly in NYC a couple years ago, and by all accounts he is just an all around quality human being.

PRO #3) Probably Would Have To Be An Idiot Not To Make Money – I know that may sound harsh. But honestly, looking at everything that you are getting here… If you follow Mark’s training and still don’t make at least an extra 5-10K a month then you probably just aren’t cut out for Internet Marketing.

CON #1) Not Cheap – This isn’t some $7 training program from the Warrior Forum :) . That said, it’s all about ROI (return on investment). Like I said, if you are smart person and you use this system then you should make back the cost of the program in the first month or two. And then after that you should start making exponentially more. Everybody who makes a lot of money with online marketing has spent a bit on training and tools to get to where they are today. It’s just a matter of investing in the right training.

CON #2) Not A Magic Solution – Again, this is a REAL system that real business minded people use to start building profitable affiliate marketing businesses.

So if you are somebody looking for a magic money button or something like that, you are not going to get that here.

The Verdict…

In conclusion, if you are somebody who is serious about starting a profitable affiliate marketing business so that you can work for yourself, enjoy financial security, and start controlling how you spend your days, AffiloJetpack is the best program out there.

And, luckily enough Mark is currently offering a special discount on the new 2.0 version of this system. If you are serious about having a profitable affiliate business definitely get it now and get your discount!

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The Obsession Formula Review – Adam Lyons Shows You How Its Done

attractive blonde


Well, there’s a new product for men that just came out, and if you are single dude who isn’t getting as much attention from the ladies as you might like to be, then you definitely will want to check this one out! It’s called “The Obsession Formula”, and its from a guy named Adam Lyons who is well known as one of the top pick-up artists/dating coaches in the world.

Click Here for the Official Obsession Formula Website…

Before checking out the program I looked into this Adam Lyons guy a bit and shockingly he actually has two hot looking live in girlfriends at the moment. I guess there was an interview they did that went pretty viral since this is quite an unusual set-up. It’s the kind of thing that a lot of guys fantasize about… I mean seriously, most guys I know would be happy with one hot girlfriend tending to their every need, but two? I think this dude definitely has some knowledge that man benefit mankind :)

Anyhow – In this review I will start off by looking at the main idea behind Adam’s Obsession Formula and how it actually works in real life situations, I’ve been testing it… Then, I’ll briefly go over the main things that you will learn in the program and all of the things that you get with it. Then I’ll wrap up by giving my personal opinion on Adam’s methods and my recommendation as far as what type of guy this program might be best suited for…

The Basic Facts On Adam Lyons’ Program…

One of the things that sets this program apart from the pack is that its all about getting a woman “obsessed” with you, rather than just getting her to be willing to date you or whatever. And there are obviously some definite benefits to getting a woman to feel obsession. For example, when a woman is obsessed you don’t need to worry about her losing interest or going off and cheating with some other guy. And, once she’s obsessed, getting her to be your girlfriend is kind of a non-issue (if that’s what you want). And seriously. a woman definitely needs to be feeling obsession level emotions if she’s gonna be cool with you having other women in your life (like Adam with the two live in girlfriends!)

Interestingly, once you get inside the program you’ll see that it really is more than just one formula. There are 3 main “formulas” that Adam has developed that can be used alternately depending on what you are trying to make happen…

First, there’s something called “The Devotion Fantasy” which is a method you can use if you want to get a loyal, and devoted girlfriend. This could be a stand alone program, since I know that a lot of guys really aren’t interested in doing anything crazy and would be happy to just get one great girl who is totally devoted to them. But guys who are looking for more adventurous dating lives will definitely get a lot out of this training as well. Basically, this is all about triggering what Adam calls a woman’s “provider receptors’ that get her to see you as the ideal man for her, so she’ll want to be the woman in your life. Don’t let the word “provider” fool you, you don’t need money to make this work… What’s great about this one is that this “fantasy” in already wired into every woman’s mind, so all you need to do is come along and trigger it.

Then there is “The Chasing Fantasy” which is for guys who aren’t ready to settle down yet and want to get multiple women chasing after you. Like the devotion fantasy this is done by triggering a specific fantasy in a woman’s mind that will make her chase after you. I like this one because I think taht a lot of guys are sick of feeling like they are always the ones who are out there chasing after women all the time!

The third formula is called “The Temptation Fantasy”. This one is used with the woman (or women) in our life to get them to really unleash their inner-freaks. Basically, this allows you to help her get in touch with that very, very naughty side of herself, and get her to unleash all of her deeply rooted sexual fantasies directly on you! Since I already have a girlfriend this is the one I am testing out, it’s good stuff…

What Is “Erotic Inception” And How Can It Be Used To Activate Her Obsession Fantasy?

One of the key elements to the Obsession Formula is something called “Erotic Inception” which is used to plant sexual fantasies into a woman’s mind. This is kind of like the female version of those little blue pills because it is something that can be used pretty much “on demand” to get her turned on and aroused.

This may sound tricky, but it is actually pretty simple. Basically, all you need to do is do what Adam called “dropping hints”. These are just subtle phrases and little hints that you can drop around any woman you are interested in that get her thinking about you, and fantasizing about you sexually.

What All Do You Get With The Obsession Formula Program?

The program is digital, meaning that you get it online via a secure website rather than getting a hard-copy delivered to you. Most people probably like this since you can access it right away, and you never need to worry about losing it or damaging it.

In addition to getting the 3 main formula’s Adam has also included a ton of bonus trainings. Since there is so much bonus material that you get, I won’t go into too much detail, but I should mention a few of the cooler bonuses…

My three favorite bonuses are “Only You”, “The Hookup Handbook” and the one about Tinder. The one called “Only You” is about cheat proofing your relationship. This is important stuff, because if you’ve ever had a girl cheat on you then you know its one of the worst feelings that there is… I feel my girl would never cheat, but it never hurts to learn more about keeping her 100% devoted.

The “Hookup Handbook” is a handy guide with 20 different ways to get a girl back to your place and smoothly into your bed, definitely a must for single guys. The the bonus about Tinder (can’t remember the name off the top of my head) is another must. I haven’t used Tinder, but I know one guy who was never good with women who got on there and just started killing it, so there is definitely a lot of potential, and this training explains exactly what you do to get women off Tinder to come out and meet you.

My Recommendation:

One of the things that struck me about this program is the fact that Adam is a very down to earth dude for being such a successful dating coach. He’s just like a normal humble guy, even though he has had a lot of success and has two hot girlfriends waiting for him at home (I just can’t get over that part!)

I think it is always best to learn this kind of thing from real people, who have real verifiable results, and who have a lot of success stories from their students (you can read a bunch from Adam’s students here…)

One of the best things about this program is the fact that these “formulas’ can be used on any type of girl (you should here what Adam says about “shy girls” OMG.. good stuff!) These things have obviously been tested and refined over a long period of time and I’d be pretty surprised if just about any guy didn’t find them extremely helpful. I’m gonna be using them, and who knows, maybe my girl will let me move another chick into the house :)

Bottom line – this is great, unique info that I’m sure any heterosexual man will find very valuable… Click Here for Instant Access To The Obsession Formula!