Accumulate currency...

Accumulate currency…

Oh man,  I have a feeling the entire binary options trading community is about to go nuts over this new 100% Profit Bot software, so I wanted to post up a preemptive blog post to let you all know that this bad-boy is coming, and what you can expect…

Click Here For Access To The 100% Profit Bot

As you may know, I’ve been involved in the binary options world for quite some time now, and I’m always on the look out for the latest and greatest binary options trading methods and and software system, as are most people who want to maximize their earnings…

For those who are just getting started with binary options trading or just starting to consider this as an alternative market to trade in, obviously you see the many advantages to binary options over traditional forms of investment. Binary options are very easy to understand because at the end of the day, you either get a return on your trade or you get nothing.  That’s pretty darn easy to understand right?  The problem is finding a binary options trading strategies or software “robots” that is actually legit and will help you to minimize risk and maximize win rates.  This is easier said than done my friends.  There are tons of different snazzy sounding software programs, scanners and signal services out there that purport that they are just crushing it for their users, but the challenge is figuring out which claims actually live up the the hype.

What’s this weird bot with the seemingly too good to be true name all about anyway?

This brings me to the “100 Percent Profit Bot” which claims to represent the latest innovation in creating a winning strategy for your binary options trading needs.  I’ve got to admit, the name seems a little corny to me.  I mean, come on… is binary options trading ever 100% profit.

But this product has set off a virtual firestorm of excitement in advance of its upcoming launch.  As I mentioned, most binary options products that claim to have secret strategies and the like turn out to be duds because they don’t really teach their users how to best take advantage of binary options trading.  At the end of the day, given the sheer buzz surrounding “100% profit bot,” I was more than a little intrigued to check it out to find out if it was really the real deal.

Some background on the designer…

I definitely approached this latest bot with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, as I began researching this one, I learned a little more about it’s designer and was impressed with his background and began to think this actually might be the real deal.

The designer of the system is one of the most well known binary options traders in Canada, a guy known as Mavin or Sportsmavin. In addition to being one of the best known Canadian based sports handicappers and and binary options traders Marvin is also graduate of Harvard Business School who worked at Goldman Sachs as a senior developer and analyst where he handled portfolios for major players and is a developed an algorithmic trading system that ultimately helped both he and his followers to identify some pretty impressive trading opportunities and to capitalize on them effectively… So, those are some pretty respectable credentials.

And, in the first six months of 2014 he earned $80,000 for his users through manual and automated binary options trading.  Flat out impressive. In other words, Mavin is a certified expert in this with the background and expertise in this field that should tell you he’s the real deal and not just some geek of the street.

What sets this “bot” apart from the rest?

The problem most people encounter when they try their hand at binary options is that they lose their money before they learn the secrets that will bring them profit. Unfortunately, the result is that most people give up before they make money.

Here’s where Mavin’s program is set apart from the rest… rather than focus on one broker or one piece of the puzzle of binary options trading, his bot (which is free by the way) actually hedges with several different brokers which is a strategy that allows for after exponential growth in your winning trades.  Look, when it comes to the inherent risks that are included in binary options trading, I would rather have a Harvard educated, proven expert in the field showing me the ropes on what actually works the achieve the highest win rate possible.

The bottom line…

For the reasons above, in my honest opinion, if you have even a remote interest in binary options trading, you’d be a fool not to give Mavin’s latest binary options “bot” a whirl. the whole idea behind this software is completely innovative and it has been returning some rather remarkable results for users to date.

Every serious trader is going to be jumping on this the day of the launch, and i highly recommend doing the same. You can sign up here to get an alert the moment that the 100% Profit Bot is available!


dude in the office

Work smarter NOT harder…

Here’s the dilemma a lot of face in everyday work life: How to get ahead without working harder!

Look, work already takes up way too much time in our lives.  Studies have shown that we work more now than ever which can be a real detriment to our personal lives. Meanwhile, we all want to get ahead, but is there a way to do it without sacrificing even more of our personal lives to our work?

The answer is…YES!

The first rule of thumb here is that you need to appear to be working harder than everyone else.  One sure way to do this is to make your presence felt in the office even when you’ve left early for the day.  My brother used to grab a fresh cup of coffee around 4:30 pm everyday and leave it on his desk at his office and then leave for the day.

The reasoning is obvious:  Make everyone think he’s still at work, even when everyone else is going home, but maybe he’s in the bathroom or something.  Nice trick, but after a while someone is sure to notice that one.

A better plan on this is to mix it up a bit.  Leave a coffee at your desk one day and your jacket draped over your chair another.  And then, just to keep the hoax alive, actually stay late one night every once in a while!  It’s a pretty good trick.

Second, befriend some of the harder working newbies in the office.

They’re always up for trying to bust their tales to prove to the higher ups that they belong and are on the fast track to success.  This is a particularly easy move when you’ve got a year or two of seniority because any newbie would jump at the chance to grab lunch or hang at the water cooler with one of the more “senior” employees.

Once you’ve gotten in their good graces, propose group work projects.  Then you can slack off a little and let them do most of the work! You’re bound to bask in the light of kudos from the higher ups for this group effort.   Now, it must be said, that I am not actually endorsing this one, but this is how those who attempt to accomplish this feat approach such things!  No one said climbing the corporate ladder didn’t leave some casualties as collateral damage.

Finally, befriend some of the mid level managers.  These guys and gals can make your life a living hell or they can make good things happen for you.  Target the ones who have just been promoted because they still want to seem like “one of the gang.”  Once you get in with these guys and gals, they’ll be sure to help you as you climb over the other losers on that corporate ladder to success!

This all being said, if you are anything like me then one of these days you are going to come to a point where you simply CANNOT stand working for anybody else anymore. I mean really, in less you have a real cushy job that is going to allow you to retire early, what uis the point of working on your career when you can start your own thing and just kick it at home, making more money than your old boss ever did. Sounds sweet right?

Most people are too close minded to even consider that this is a possibility, but like they say if I can do it, why can’t you? I mean it’s not like I’m some kind of genius or something. If you have never considered self-employment there are a lot of options out there. Internet marketing with a sophisticated marketing funnel is definitely one way to go (you can read more about marketing funnels in my Clickfunnels review).

Or if you want to keep it simple you might want to try out something like Forex or options trading with a newbie friendly trading system like the Legal Insider Bot. I’ll put this way, don’t quit your day job YET, but start looking at other options, because they are out there.


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