Are Binary Options A Viable Alternative to Traditional Investments?

Binary Options

As you likely already know, binary options are another alternative investment that has been gaining popularity the past few years.  What makes binary options attractive is that they’re incredibly easy to understand.  Another reasons investors have been flocking to binary options is that there’s an opportunity to make huge returns in a very short amount of time.  Additionally, as the world becomes more interconnected globally, more and more investors are realizing some of the benefits of binary options. You can trade anywhere, at any time, which means, so long as you have a laptop or a mobile device and an internet connection, you can make trades.

The thing about binary options that investors need to understand that this is an unregulated investment option—the markets are unregulated outside the U.S.  For this reason, traders need to do their research to make sure that they do not become the victims of dishonest brokers who engage in shady trade practices.

The thing is the risks and the rewards are easily identifiable to you before you make any trades. I would say this is a huge benefit.  To make trades on multiple asset classes in the global markets at anytime is an amazing opportunity. It surely is a signal that the advent of the internet along with the increasing interconnectedness of the global economy is fundamentally changing the way we do business and the way we chose to invest.   It is bound to become more and more mainstream in the coming years!

The bottom line is binary options are a great alternative for investing, but they come with advantages and disadvantages—as with any investment opportunities.  So long as you do your research and make sure that whoever you chose to work with as your broker, it can be a great investment opportunity.

Bitcoin Robot Review – The Truth About This Software

Bitcoin RobotYou may have heard, Bitcoins are getting very popular. So, it was only a matter of time before some clever fellow developed a piece of software to automate Bitcoin trading, so that people like us who love making money would have a way to make bank with Bitcoins all day long, without needing to sit in front of the computer looking at graphs or and other such unpleasantness…

I am currently taking a look at this software and will be updating this post, but my initial Bitcoin Robot review is quiet positive, this is indeed very powerful software, and I have no doubt that it is possible of doing some serious damage! (I mean that in a good way of course!)

The great thing about these sorts of software programs is that they are based on precise algorithms that eliminate the risk of human error. They are cold and emotionless, kind of like Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

Anyway, I’ll be back to add details as I have them, in the meantime here are somemore thought I had on the future of crypto-currencies:

The Future of Bitcoin 

One of the major reasons investors are attracted to Bitcoin is the complete anonymity that it offers.  The reason some became concerned with criminal activity is that Bitcoin is a completely unregulated currency.  On the upside, there are no costly administrative fees and you are granted complete freedom and control over your currency.  Supposedly, this offers a downside, which some claim is for money laundering and criminal activity.  The reality is however that of course with anonymity comes the potential that some may misuse that opportunity.  But any currency can be used for criminal purposes.

The reality is that Bitcoin, like many alternative currencies, is not subject to the same standards of traditional currencies.  Therefore, it is not regulated.  Rather, it is designed to be a completely open source, peer-to-peer currency.

Advocates of this new form of currency say that this is the true form a currency should take by cutting out burdensome middlemen and inefficient regulators.  In short, this is the true meaning of a free-market global currency.

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, there is a strong argument to be made that Bitcoin and other currencies like Bitcoin truly are the wave of the future.  It remains to be seen if major governments will crack down on these currencies down the road, but right now, without a doubt there are enormous benefits.

Many advocates of open source software are more than happy to see this concept being applied to currency.  It truly is the next logical step in the increasing interconnectedness of the global economy.   As such, we predict that as the global economy becomes more and more interconnected, more and more people and institutions will begin using alternative currencies as a viable currency.  What’s remarkable is that it’s taken so many years since the advent of the internet for such currencies to finally take hold.