Rinse, Wash, Repeat...

Rinse, Wash, Repeat…

In today’s post  I’m going to be taking a look at a new Forex software system called “Forex Trendy” that  has recently become very popular with a lot of Forex traders. Personally I am very wary of flashy new software that promises to dramatically improve my trading results, but there has been so much excitement about this thing that I decided I had to see what it was all about, and I was very curious because I really liked the basic idea of how it works.

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Basic Info On Forex Trendy…

Basically, Forex Trendy is a software system that’s able to monitor Forex trends and analyze them for you, so that you will know when to make trades. Pretty simple concept right? I like, I like.

After you purchase the program you can log in right away, which is cool because you don’t need to download any programs or ebooks in order to use the program on your computer.  You can just log in, checkout the training to familiarize yourself with all of the program features and then use the software’s live chart and graph analysis to identify market trends.

It can be used seamlessly with any of the many popular trading platforms like MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, etc…  and it comes with both automated email alerts as well as audible alerts so that you can make sure that you will know if any perfect opportunity to enter a trade come up while you are off doing other fun things…

Pros & Cons:

Pro 1 – Super Easy To Use – No matter how advanced of a trader you are, its always best to keep in simple. After all, in the end we are just trying to make as  much money as possible with the least headaches, so we can get back to having fun with fat stacks in our pockets. With Forex Trendy the user-interface is a breeze and everything is obviously designed to be keep things very simple and easy to use. This emphasis on simplicity is something that will be particularly helpful for newbies and beginners who aren’t used to using trading software and reading trading charts and graphs.

Pro 2 – Scan across 34 currency pairs simultaneously – This is one of the top selling points of this program because this way you know that you are going to be  getting the best trending pair possible.

Pro 3 –  Real-time data analysis… This one is obviously crucial.

Con 1 – Takes stick-to-itiveness - In my experience, the #1 reason most newbie traders (or even intermediate traders) never find real success is because they give up to soon. One of the biggest problems is that there are so many new, over-hyped trading robots and so forth on the market that it can be easy to succumb to what is known as “shiny object syndrome”, which means that they are constantly being distracted by new “shiny objects” that take them off course. So don’t think that simply buying Forex Trendy is going to turn you into  multi-millionaire trader overnight. Instead, if you get the program realize that you need to stick with it, and take the time to really learn how to use it as efficiently and effectively as possible. Once you master it, I can only assume you will find it highly effective.

–  beginners may be intimidated by all the charts and graphs, and as a result not take full advantage of the program. But, trust me, the charts are there to help! Basically, if you’re truly a beginner at this, give it a couple of days to get used to looking at the graphs to get comfortable with it. 

Does It Live Up To The Hype?


While this program is pretty hyped, the results it has been getting are very impressive (click here to read success stories from Forex Trendy customers…)

If you are looking for the best possible tool for identifying market trends, so that you can take action and make money, then I highly reccomend Forex Trendy.  I think this is one software system that really gives it’s users a serious advantage, and I  highly recommend giving it an honest shot to see how you like it.

The price is DIRT CHEAP, especially when you think about how much you can make off just one killer trade, Anyone who isn’t seeing a staggering ROI with this thing needs to go back to the drawing board!

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Read Her Mind!

Today’s post is a guest article from dating and seduction expert Jon Sinn, one of the few guys I recommend learning this kind of information from. In this article he explains a new science-based way to tell when women are horny and looking for action. If you are into chicks this is stuff you definitely want in your pickup arsenal.

How To Read A Woman’s Mind When you Approach Her

Guest Post by Jon Sinn
Author of: The Science of Micro-Expressions Mini Course

As a man, you’ve probably wondered what a woman is thinking when you approach her. Maybe you saw her across a crowded bar on a Friday night. Or maybe she was walking past you on the street on a crowded Saturday morning. You saw her and you took action in approaching her, but now you’re thinking things like

“Does She Like Me?”

“Is this working?”

What if you could know exactly what a woman was thinking and feeling, simply by looking at her?

You can, with an amazing scientific discovery known as Microexpressions.

What are Microexpressions?

They are very fast ( about a ¼ of a second) flashes of emotion that human beings cannot fake or control. They were discovered by Dr Paul Eckman when he studied thousands of faces from around the world. Microexpressions have been taught and used by The FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

So how do you use this to read a woman’s mind?

First you need to learn to recognize when a microexpression is happening. This is fairly simple and can be done by studying a few simple pictures. The most important thing is to learn to recognize any changes in the face. This can happen across the entire face or in specific areas like the mouth or eyes. Simply by learning to look for changes in the face, you will start to recognize microexpressions and read faces better.

The second part of reading Microexpressions is learning to recognize the different kinds of emotions. There are 8 emotions overall that you will want to master, but for the sake of this article I’m going to talk about the 3 most important ones to look for.

The 3 most important Microexpressions to look for are:

1. Surprise

2. Happiness

3. Arousal

The first emotion to learn to recognize is surprise. Why is learning to recognize surprise so important? Because a lot of the time when we approach a woman (Especially during the day time) she is going to be surprised. Now surprised can look a lot like fear or disinterest. So a lot of guys make the mistake of leaving interactions with women because they thought they were not interested when really they were just surprised.

The second most important emotion to learn to recognize is happiness. We can all recognize a smile, but did you know that the smile is the most faked facial expression? Learning to recognize the real signs of happiness especially if a woman is playing hard to get or coy, can help you to keep going when you’re not sure if the girl is into you or not.

The last emotion is arousal. When a woman gets aroused not only do her pupils dialate (her eyes get bigger) but there is movement around the mouth and lower face in a pouting motion. I don’t think I need to explain to you why it could be helpful to recognize when a woman is turned on.

- Jon Sinn

When you know how to read micro-expressions in the way that Jon describes, it basically makes you completely REJECTION-PROOF because you know exactly when to approach her, ask her out, kiss her, etc.

You’ll never have to worry “what if she’s not into me” “is she ready to be kissed?” “will she talk to me if I approach?” Because you’ll know simply based on her micro-expressions.

And Jon, is making his entire “Science Of Micro-Expressions” multi-media course available for only $5.95 but ONLY for a limited time.

In the presentation, Jon Sinn reveals exactly how to read women’s micro expressions to know EXACTLY what they are thinking and what they want. Click Here for Instant Access





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