The Obsession Formula Review – Adam Lyons Shows You How Its Done

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Well, there’s a new product for men that just came out, and if you are single dude who isn’t getting as much attention from the ladies as you might like to be, then you definitely will want to check this one out! It’s called “The Obsession Formula”, and its from a guy named Adam Lyons who is well known as one of the top pick-up artists/dating coaches in the world.

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Before checking out the program I looked into this Adam Lyons guy a bit and shockingly he actually has two hot looking live in girlfriends at the moment. I guess there was an interview they did that went pretty viral since this is quite an unusual set-up. It’s the kind of thing that a lot of guys fantasize about… I mean seriously, most guys I know would be happy with one hot girlfriend tending to their every need, but two? I think this dude definitely has some knowledge that man benefit mankind :)

Anyhow – In this review I will start off by looking at the main idea behind Adam’s Obsession Formula and how it actually works in real life situations, I’ve been testing it… Then, I’ll briefly go over the main things that you will learn in the program and all of the things that you get with it. Then I’ll wrap up by giving my personal opinion on Adam’s methods and my recommendation as far as what type of guy this program might be best suited for…

The Basic Facts On Adam Lyons’ Program…

One of the things that sets this program apart from the pack is that its all about getting a woman “obsessed” with you, rather than just getting her to be willing to date you or whatever. And there are obviously some definite benefits to getting a woman to feel obsession. For example, when a woman is obsessed you don’t need to worry about her losing interest or going off and cheating with some other guy. And, once she’s obsessed, getting her to be your girlfriend is kind of a non-issue (if that’s what you want). And seriously. a woman definitely needs to be feeling obsession level emotions if she’s gonna be cool with you having other women in your life (like Adam with the two live in girlfriends!)

Interestingly, once you get inside the program you’ll see that it really is more than just one formula. There are 3 main “formulas” that Adam has developed that can be used alternately depending on what you are trying to make happen…

First, there’s something called “The Devotion Fantasy” which is a method you can use if you want to get a loyal, and devoted girlfriend. This could be a stand alone program, since I know that a lot of guys really aren’t interested in doing anything crazy and would be happy to just get one great girl who is totally devoted to them. But guys who are looking for more adventurous dating lives will definitely get a lot out of this training as well. Basically, this is all about triggering what Adam calls a woman’s “provider receptors’ that get her to see you as the ideal man for her, so she’ll want to be the woman in your life. Don’t let the word “provider” fool you, you don’t need money to make this work… What’s great about this one is that this “fantasy” in already wired into every woman’s mind, so all you need to do is come along and trigger it.

Then there is “The Chasing Fantasy” which is for guys who aren’t ready to settle down yet and want to get multiple women chasing after you. Like the devotion fantasy this is done by triggering a specific fantasy in a woman’s mind that will make her chase after you. I like this one because I think taht a lot of guys are sick of feeling like they are always the ones who are out there chasing after women all the time!

The third formula is called “The Temptation Fantasy”. This one is used with the woman (or women) in our life to get them to really unleash their inner-freaks. Basically, this allows you to help her get in touch with that very, very naughty side of herself, and get her to unleash all of her deeply rooted sexual fantasies directly on you! Since I already have a girlfriend this is the one I am testing out, it’s good stuff…

What Is “Erotic Inception” And How Can It Be Used To Activate Her Obsession Fantasy?

One of the key elements to the Obsession Formula is something called “Erotic Inception” which is used to plant sexual fantasies into a woman’s mind. This is kind of like the female version of those little blue pills because it is something that can be used pretty much “on demand” to get her turned on and aroused.

This may sound tricky, but it is actually pretty simple. Basically, all you need to do is do what Adam called “dropping hints”. These are just subtle phrases and little hints that you can drop around any woman you are interested in that get her thinking about you, and fantasizing about you sexually.

What All Do You Get With The Obsession Formula Program?

The program is digital, meaning that you get it online via a secure website rather than getting a hard-copy delivered to you. Most people probably like this since you can access it right away, and you never need to worry about losing it or damaging it.

In addition to getting the 3 main formula’s Adam has also included a ton of bonus trainings. Since there is so much bonus material that you get, I won’t go into too much detail, but I should mention a few of the cooler bonuses…

My three favorite bonuses are “Only You”, “The Hookup Handbook” and the one about Tinder. The one called “Only You” is about cheat proofing your relationship. This is important stuff, because if you’ve ever had a girl cheat on you then you know its one of the worst feelings that there is… I feel my girl would never cheat, but it never hurts to learn more about keeping her 100% devoted.

The “Hookup Handbook” is a handy guide with 20 different ways to get a girl back to your place and smoothly into your bed, definitely a must for single guys. The the bonus about Tinder (can’t remember the name off the top of my head) is another must. I haven’t used Tinder, but I know one guy who was never good with women who got on there and just started killing it, so there is definitely a lot of potential, and this training explains exactly what you do to get women off Tinder to come out and meet you.

My Recommendation:

One of the things that struck me about this program is the fact that Adam is a very down to earth dude for being such a successful dating coach. He’s just like a normal humble guy, even though he has had a lot of success and has two hot girlfriends waiting for him at home (I just can’t get over that part!)

I think it is always best to learn this kind of thing from real people, who have real verifiable results, and who have a lot of success stories from their students (you can read a bunch from Adam’s students here…)

One of the best things about this program is the fact that these “formulas’ can be used on any type of girl (you should here what Adam says about “shy girls” OMG.. good stuff!) These things have obviously been tested and refined over a long period of time and I’d be pretty surprised if just about any guy didn’t find them extremely helpful. I’m gonna be using them, and who knows, maybe my girl will let me move another chick into the house :)

Bottom line – this is great, unique info that I’m sure any heterosexual man will find very valuable… Click Here for Instant Access To The Obsession Formula!

Jason Capital On Planning Your Future (To Become A Millionaire Badass)

In the video above Jason Capital provides a blueprint for designing a “high status” future. This is probably one of the most important things for anybody to do, ever. But shockingly, most people never take the time to plan their futures at all!

To learn more about success from Jason (26 year old self-made multi-millionaire) check out his Millionaire Switch for Men…
To learn about dating/success with women, check out his Make Women Want You program (review coming soon.)

There is a saying that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and that’s pretty much dead on, and that’s why the average American is fat, broke, and sucking at life IMHO… Luckily however, if you plan to be a high-status badass, then you can just follow you plan and start killing it and banking millions.

The basic structure Jason gives in the video above should be all you need. A lot of other good personal development gurus recommend similar planning methods, but I don’t think any of them are nearly as amped up in their delivery as Jason is! This guy is clearly serious about you designing a high staus future for yourself.

So, my recommendation is to listen to Jason and go through the steps. Once you have a clear plan, then you know what you are aiming for. This is the first step, and its a lot of fun.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review: The Truth About Food Ingredients

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If you are somebody who’s concerned about all of the toxic stuff that they are putting into our food supply these days, then you should definitely check out this brand new program from Anthony Alayon called “101 Toxic Food Ingredients”. (To clear up any confusion, the program is also sometimes referred to as “The Truth About Food Ingredients” and it comes with a cool online tool called the “ToxiFact Tool”…)

This is a review – Click Here for the Official 101 Toxic Food Ingredients They NEVER Told You About Website…

As you may know if you are a regular reader, I am super into health food. I try to drink green juice at least 4 days a week and buy pretty much everything organic and so forth. Personally I think it is absolutely DISGUSTING that these food companies want to put toxic, gross stuff in our food. That is just EVIL if you ask me. I think they are terrible people.

That being said, these sicko food companies are coming out with new toxic substances all the time and it can be hard to keep up with all of them. I don’t know about you, but I have to work a lot, and I have kids, so I can’t be spending all day on the Internet researching every food ingredient that I have never heard of before. That’s where this new 101 Toxic Food Ingredients program comes in. Basically, it was created so that anytime you are curious about any ingredient you’ve never heard of you can just enter it into the ToxiFact app, and you’ll get all the info you need to determine if it’s something that you and your family should avoid, or eat.

In this review I’m going to start off quickly explaining about the problems that are out there with all these toxic food substances, then I’ll give a breakdown on everything that you get in this program, and then I’ll share my own opinion on whether this is something worth using… You can scroll down if you want to skip my rant about toxins and the FDA :)

What Is Going On With Our Food Supply & Why Is The Government Allowing It?

If you scroll to the bottom of this blog post you’ll see that I added a little “Medical Disclaimer” that my lawyer recommended I add to any posts relating to health, fitness, diet etc… Basically, it says that the “FDA has not evaluated the statements I’ve made…” and stuff like that. The reason I have to include that is because the FDA are some scary dudes!

At first you might think “Oh good – the government is trying to keep track of the food supply and keep the bad stuff out” but nothing could be farther from the truth. Sure they do keep some bad stuff out, which is nice, but the things that they do allow the chemical/food companies put in our food is truly mind boggling! What it comes down to is that they are in bed with the big chemical corporations, and they care much, much more about making money than they do about you and your family’s health.

What’s really crazy is the fact that just about every other developed country has way stricter standards than we do when it comes to their food. If you talk to people from Europe for example they are shocked and grossed out by the stuff that our government considers “safe” for us to eat ie. GMOs (genetically modified organisms), toxic pesticides, toxic food additives, preservatives, colors and so on. The list goes on seemingly forever. Anything for these evil corporations to make a buck!

What Is The “101 Toxic Food Ingredients” Program All About And What All Do You Get?

The program was created by a guy named Anthony Alayon who is a fitness author, personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Basically, Anthony created the program to be a resource for his clients and other people who care about their health and are really concerned about all the toxic garbage in our food supply.

Anthony got some software developers to create the ToxiFact Tool which is an app where you can enter any ingredient and it will give you all the info that you need on it. The tool is billed as “the world’s first and only toxic food label decoder,” and personal, for somebody like me who is all about eating as healthy as I can, I think its a great idea!

You just plug in a food item and the tool will give you the basic facts on it, along with a rating on the cool little “Toximeter” that shows just how toxic it is (who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and it won’t be toxic at all.) And the great thing is that it will “decode” it for you and let you know if the item contains any hidden, toxic ingredients that you need to avoid.

Then, you also get a stack of bonus reports with really detailed info on all sorts of foods and ingredients to give you more of a big picture idea of what is really going on with this stuff. Complete details on all the reports is available online here, but I’ll go over the basics to give you an idea…

First up is report called “Truth About Artificial Sweeteners” that explains how these toxic chemicals can ruin your health and then lists out all the foods containing these artificial sweeteners. Plus there’s info on how to enjoy desserts without eating these toxins. Next is a report on artificial flavors and coloring – not surprisingly these thing are really bad for you!

Bonus three is “The Truth About Food Additives” those sneaky “other ingredients” that try to squeak by. Then there’s “The Truth About Preservatives and Oils”, this is an important one, in fact Anthony says that food preservatives are arguably the top thing deteriorating people’s health these days. There’s another report about how deceptive food labels are, one about the importance of drinking clean, untampered with water. And, right now there is also a special limited time bonus called “The Cravings Survival Guide” thats all about picking better alternative to those junk foods you crave so that you can get rid of any unwanted body fat and avoid the common “rebound weight gain” people often experience after initially losing weight.

My Recommedation:

Personally, I think every person out there who cares about their health and thye health of there family should be doing what they can to avoid eating all this toxic garbage.

You’d think the FDA would protect usa from this stuff, but clearly they won’t, so its our responsibility to do it ourselves, luckily though this tool makes it a lot easier. I definitely highly recommend thsi as a great resource for your health… Click Here to Get Instant Access To The ToxiFact Tool & The 101 Toxic Food Ingredients System Now!