In today’s post I’m going to be discussing a currently launching program called Easy Webinar 4.0 from well known internet marketer Casey Zeman.

This is a review, Click Here for the Official EasyWebinar.com website…

Now if you are reading this, I would assume that you have a good understanding of what webinars are why you should be using them, otherwise why would you be interested in reading up on my opinions regarding EasyWebinar? Well, just in case you need a refresher I’ll give you the 100 word answer to why webinars are so cool: (you can also scroll down to get into the review…)

What Are Webinars And Why Use Them?

Basically, webinars are online seminars. It’s a bunch of people all online at the same time, and the host or moderator talks, and shows slides and basically walks the webinar “attendees” through a sales presentation/lesson on whatever they are teaching. By framing your webinar as an educational event, it is a lot easier to get a lot of people to show up an pay attention to what you have to say for an hour or in the case of some webinars multiple hours…

So, what is so cool about that? You may ask… Well, webinars are a great marketing tool for a number of reasons. probably my favorite thing about them is the fact that they allow you to sell really expensive products a lot more successfully than you could using an old-school salesletter. The fact that you have your attendees’ rapt attention for such a long time means that you can really bond with them and get them to know, like and trust you, in a way that is next to impossible using salesletters of VSLs (video sales letters). You can tell them your story, share case studies, give them valuable content, answer their questions in real time, and then explain to them why the product or service you are offering is the IDEAL solution to whatever problem they are facing. And, because it is a live event (traditionally) there are a lot of psychological factors that you can use to get them to BUY NOW, rather than waiting and thinking it over, even if it is an $1000+ product you are selling.

Of course there is a lot more to webinars than that, but it’s way too much for a blogpost… So let’s dive in to talking about this new 4.0 version of EasyWebinar…

What Exactly Is The EasyWebinar Plugin?

Really it’s much more than a plugin… Basically, Easy Webinar 4.0 is an all-in-one webinar software suite that lets you create complete webinar and other “online event” marketing funnels, so that you can easily incorporate webinars into your business.

The software has a plethora of options, uses, bells and whistles and so forth, and I’ll try to touch on the most important ones here for you…

One of the key features is Easy Webinar 4.0’s ability to create both live and automated events. While webinars were traditionally live events, many marketers have found that they also work great when they are pre-recorded, and of course this is awesome because it allows you to make sales with your webinars day after day while you are away from the computer having fun with your family or doing whatever it is you like to do.

And Casey Zeman is considered one of the top guys when it comes to automated webinars (and live ones), so you know that his training on how to do these automated webinars is going to be top-notch. (Click here to read success stories from people using Casey’s software to scale their businesses to crazy levels of income…)

The 4.0 version of this software is a big upgrade as it offers a full template library that you can use to create the various pages of your webinar funnels to your specifications. From a quick look I can say that there are some really good looking templates in here, and Casey says that they will be continually adding new templates so that you’ll always have the cutting-edge split-tested stuff you need.

Another important feature is the fact that buy getting in on 4.0 you can get lifetime access to the software, rather than needing to pay an annual fee (which is to be added after the launch). If you’ve looked around then you know that this software is a lot less expensive than any other well known webinar software, especially when you look at the functionality that you get with EW4.0 that is not available elsewhere.

And – Easy Webinar is also set to release a SaaS version (hosted), which is pretty sweet, and by getting in on Easy Webinar 4.0 you can get free access to that as well.

Is Easy Webinar really All That Superior?

If you are looking to sell high priced products and services and you want to engage your followers, then obviously webinars are a great way to accomplish these things. The question then becomes what webinar software to use…

Personally I like Easy Webinar because it offers far more functionality than other softwares, and it’s priced very reasonably. In fact, I think that some marketers may have doubts about whether this really is the best webinar software because it is so affordable and they are used to spending a lot more money for this type of thing… Well, their loss is our gain!

Easy Webinar also has the advantage of being very EASY, hence the name. Not only does it integrate with just about any third party software you may want to use with it (Leadpages, Hangouts etc…) But it also comes with awesome training that will undoubtedly prove helpful whether you are a complete newbie with webinars or you are a seasoned pro looking for some advanced training.

I have found that when it comes to marketing the most important thing is to learn specific skills (like how to do webinars) from people who are at the absolute top in their respective fields, and Casey Zeman is widely considered to be the top guy when it comes to webinars.

My Recommendation On EasyWebinar:

I don’t know what your business model is, so I can’t tell you exactly what your next move should be… That said, if you are going to be using webinars (live or automated) or doing any other kind of web events like online summits, then this is definitely the software that you want to be using.

And considering the fact that right now you can get lifetime access, anybody doing webinars would be crazy not to jump on this! Click Here for Instant Access to Easy Webinar 4.0…






wake up productive chick

Time to get busy!

Today I wanted to let you know about what I consider to be THE premier productivity course of all time: Eben Pagan’s “Wake Up Productive”.

The original version of this course blew my mind, and a completely new and updated version has just been released, and I wanted to share all the details with you…

Wake Up Productive is NOW AVAILABLE, for a limited time only… Click Here for Instant Access to the All New Wake Up Productive Program…

Who Is Eben Pagan and What Is “Wake Up Productive” All About?

If you have been involved in Internet marketing at all then you have likely already heard about the creator of the Wake Up Productive program, Eben Pagan. Eben has been marketing online for something like 15 years now and has built multiple multi-million dollar Internet businesses. He is also well known as a speaker, and basically as an all around visionary, and thought leader when it comes to both personal and business success.

Wake Up productive is Eben’s course on productivity. The basic idea is to teach you how to take control of your time and get at least TWICE as much important stuff done as you are getting done right now. Obviously this is something that appeals greatly to business owners, entrepreneurs and other people who are into accomplishing big things, reaching goals, and just basically striving for greatness and getting stuff done on a daily basis.

I should say that before finding Wake Up Productive I read a LOT of books on productivity and focusing. I read all the classics. I won’t name them all here because I don’t want to distract you, but needless to say, my bookshelf has all the Amazon best sellers available on this topic, and seriously – none of them did ANYTHING for me!

Sure most other books and programs on productivity/time management do have some good ideas in them, but what they don’t have is step-by-step techniques to change your thinking and your habits. Wake Up Productive is a full-blown PLAN that you can follow that shows you how to go from whatever you are doing with your time/focus right now and basically transform you into a highly efficient, highly effective version of yourself so that you can be more successful, make more money and just improve your overall quality of life.

What Exactly You Get In Eben’s Course:

Now this new version of the course includes completely new videos and brand new concepts that weren’t in the original training. Eben said he wanted to take what he has learned about productivity/focus/success over the last few years and incorporate it into the program, to create an all new version.

Obviously it is still based around the major concepts of the first course, and I can only imagine that this version is going to be even better and even easier to apply to one’s life.

I’m sure that the program will come with all sorts of cool extras and bonuses, but the core training consists of video modules that walk you through the complete 90 day system.

The training starts with a 90 minute “Orientation Video” to get you up to speed on how everything is going to work and 5 “Fast Start Training Videos” that go over the important foundational concepts and principles that you will be using as you go through the course.

Then, you get 12 weekly video sessions where Eben walks you through the entire system step by step. The 12 weeks and split into “modules” covering the “Inner Game”, “Outer Game”, and “Higher Game” of productivity.

My Recommendation…

For me personally, getting control over my focus and getting myself to be productive has been a major struggle that has taken me many years to geet under control.

Since I work for myself, I have spent years where I was sleeping in very late, lounging around in pajama pants and doing as little work as was required to maintain my “comfortable” income…

However, I got pretty disgusted with thsi lifestyle after a while, and have searched long and hard for something, anything, that could help me to manage myself better so that I can accomplish all the things that I have dreamed of accomplishing.

And Wake Up Productive is that program. I literally can’t put into words how good this course is. Its ridiculously good. The “morning success ritual” for instance that Eben reveals at the beginning of the course, that one thing alone is well worth the price of admission.

Luckily however, the course just keeps dropping jewels of wisdom and giving you actionable ‘do it now’ types of exercises that you can put to use in your life immediately.

The new version is available this week only – and I HIGHLY recommend this course to anybody who wants to manage themselves, and their time, so that they can get more done, succeed in life and basically make their dreams come true! Click Here For Instant Access to the All New Wake Up Productive…



profit academy girl

Making profits… SWEET!

Hey there! In today’s post I wanted to get the word out on a new internet marketing training program that is going to be coming out next month called “Profit Academy”, from IM guru master mind Anik Singal.

Profit Academy is not yet available – Click Here For Anik’s Inbox Blueprint

So, what is this program all about, and why am I even talking about it considering that it isn’t even coming out until next month?

Here’s the thing. There are tons and tons and tons of internet marketing courses out there that all promise to teach you how to make a killing online, while working from home in your boxer shorts. But, most of them stink because they aren’t really designed to help anybody, and are just basically sold to make a profit for the program creator.

Profit Academy on the other hand is something completely different. The course was created by Anik Signal, a guy who has been in the business for like 10 years or something crazy like that, and who has made crazy 8 figure money selling products and services via the internet.

So, first off, it is important to know that the guy behind this program is in every way “The Real Deal” when it comes to internet marketing. He has been around, he has made millions, he has been featured in all sorts of business publications, and so forth. Here’s what Wikipedia had to say: Singal has been named a Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek and twice as an Inc 500 CEO. … so yeah he’s definitely legit.

And, not only has Anik earned himself a sizable fortune as an internet marketer, but for the past several years he has been training students to follow in his footsteps and earn healthy incomes using the internet marketing methods that he has developed and used in his own businesses. Anik has taught thousands of students over the years, and he maintains a glowing reputation as one of the few big time internet marketing gurus who really gets solid results for his students.

Here’s a video made by one of Anik’s first Profit Academy students, talking about what his experience has been like with the course. The Inbox Blueprint product mentioned in this video can be accessed here: Inbox Blueprint.

That all being said, What exactly IS Profit Academy?

Basically, the course consists of two main “phases”… In the first you’ll learn the basics of how to get started with internet marketing and make your first hundred thousand dollars just doing email and running affiliate promotions. This part of the course shows you how to build an audience of people who you can market to, and then how to market to them effectively. If you are thinking “email marketing and affiliate promotions? Sounds tricky…” Don’t worry, this course, like all of Anik’s courses has been created with the beginner in mind, so anything you are unfamiliar with will be explained in detail – AND the course also includes access to an entire coaching team, and complimentary Q&A webinars where you can get clarity and instructions on anything that you need clarified.

In Phase 2 you learn how to take your business to the next level. Sure affiliate marketing is great, I’m a huge fan… But some people aren’t satisfied just making six figures sending traffic to affiliate offers! So in this phase Anik shows you how to get your own digital product up and running with your own sales process, and a juicy back end, so that you can (potentially) make your first million.

My thoughts:

I have to say that I think a lot of people are going to hear those numbers: “a hundred grand” and “a million” and be somewhat skeptical. I mean for the average person making 40K a year, the idea that you can actually succeed with internet marketing and make more money than anybody you know is a bit hard to believe.

When I got started all I wanted to do was to replace the income I was making at my last job. I thought it would be awesome to make the same amount of money but have no boss, and get to work whenever I wanted, from any location I wanted… But then I basically went from making a couple hundred bucks a week online to a couple thousand a week, basically overnight, and that income has since gone up considerably…

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that these kinds of profits are completely possible with internet marketing, (not guaranteed, but possible) so long as you have the internal drive to succeed, the necessary intelligence, AND most importantly that you pick a good mentor and the right system to follow.

That said, I think Profit Academy is going to be an amazing opportunity for anyone who is serious about building a real, sustainable and profitable online business from a guy who is without a doubt the best in the business at getting real results for his students!

I’ll update this page when Profit Academy is launching so you can get early  access. Until then you can also checkout Anik’s Inbox Blueprint




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