Moobs (aka “man boobs”). For the uninitiated, this is an embarrassing phenomenon for many men that can strike at any age. There’s a technical term for man boobs which is the result of a condition called “Gynecomastia” which is the growth of abnormally large breasts in males. Then, there’s simply the effect of when you become so fat that you develop flabby man boobies. Either way, it can be an unsightly vision on the beach or when disrobing in front of your love interest.

Fear not, however, there’s are proven ways to get rid of chest flab that a lot of guys have found to be very effective.

As Elliot explains in the video above, there are a lot of potential causes for man-boobs or bitch-tits, or whatever you want to call them… So unfortunately getting rid or your man boobs is NOT simply a matter of training your chest more or harder.

The first thing to consider is whether or not you are currently overweight. If you have excess body fat then obviously some of that is going to be stored in your chest, so if this is your situation my recommendation is to work on losing fat all over your body, and the moobs should go away in the process.. Of course that may sound like a but of a challenge, but this video may make things easier. I recently lost about 30 lbs. and once I got started it wasn’t really all that bad (and I feel MUCH more confident taking my shirt of now!)

Other than that, finding ways to lower your estrogen level will help. So stop eating/drinking out of plastic containers, quit ingesting soy, talk to your dr about discontinuing any medications you may be on, and get more sleep to lower your stress level.

After that, you should also be sure to be training your pecs properly to get the best formed chest you can.

Not only will this help burn off your upper torso fat, but by hitting the bench-press and a blasting your pecs with a regime of various exercises you will be able to sculpt a really nice muscular chest that everyone will get to see once the fat is gone…

First, it is important to remember that one should not become overly obsessed with the bench press. For whatever reason, most guys have come to agree that the most important indicator as to whether you’re in “good shape” is how much you can bench press. In fact, I believe one of the most common questions in muscle-head gyms across the country is “how much ya bench?” That’s why we tend to see so many top-heavy dudes out there with little skinny chicken legs. This is a uniquely American phenomenon. It simply makes no sense since the legs contain muscles that are so much more important in terms of everyday use.

But I digress, my post regarding the importance of exercises that target the legs will have to wait for another day. The bench press is actually only one way to target the pectoral muscles, but if you’re looking to really build your chest muscles there are several exercises that can be utilized in addition to the traditional bench press. It is important to remember that integrating various exercises that target the chest, you are working towards eliminating your man boobs forever! But remember, you need to keep at it or else the moobs will return. Indeed, often times man breasts are the result of a formerly ripped dude who stops working out and the formerly ripped pecs melt into formless chest flapjacks.

Okay, so let’s get down to the details on what specific exercises you can do to target those ugly sad flappy bags of fat hanging from your chest. For starters, like I mentioned, the bench press should be included along with several other key exercises that target the chest muscles, such as push ups, incline free weight exercises.

When it comes to the traditional flat bench press, a lot of people tend to hold their hands on the bar too far apart. This not only fails to fully target those unslightly mounds of fat on your chest, but because you’re holding the bar wide, it places a lot of stress on the shoulders, which tend to result in injury.   Moreover, most people fail to bring the bar all the way down to the chest and instead bring it about 2/3ds of the way down. Again, clearly not getting the most of your time on the bench.   Also, most people fail to think about how important your legs are when using the bench press. In other words, it’s really important to think about using your legs for traction during your bench press routine.

Furthermore, most people are focused on how much weight they can life, but what I find most effective in targeting the chest muscles is to integrate the push up, the incline free weight fly and the bench press into one set with little to no rest in between. This ensures you are exponentially increasing your strength building and cardio output and also saves you valuable time!

In the end, the important thing to remember is that the bench press is the focal point on your exercise routine to get rid of your man boobs. Man tits are never something a lady wants to see, so if you’re looking to improve your self-esteem and your sex life, you’d be wise to integrate the exercises described above.

So long as you stick with these exercises, lower your estrogen, and if necessary go on a diet to reduce your overall body fat. Within no time your chest will lose all that excess fat and granular tissue around the breast area and your man boobs will be replaced with rock hard pecs that will improve your self-esteem and drive the ladies crazy!


your boss is a jerk!

Ever want to tell your boss to go F himself?

Hey everyone. We’ve all been there. You start a job. Everything is going great. Then, to your horror, you realize that your boss is an incredible jerk who is making your life a walking nightmare! This is a real problem for so many of us. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s not easy to deal with. In fact, my boss was a bully who used his position of authority to treat people like worthless subhuman worker drones.

The first thing you need to do is get inside the head of this particular kind of person. By this, what I mean is you have to try and figure out why is he or she acting this way. The first step to dealing with a boss who’s a jerk is understanding the psychology of such a person.

Unfortunately, no matter how awesome the job is, dealing with a bully in the workplace can poison the entire atmosphere, kill your morale, lead to poor performance, and even cause problems in your personal life.

Different states have different levels of protection for this sort of thing through various labor laws and the like. Some are more comprehensive and employee-friendly than others. It’s important to understand however that in today’s day and age, no one should put up with bullying or inappropriate behavior from a superior and every state has at least a certain baseline level of legal protection for such behavior.

The first thing you need to do is to remain calm and professional. Never let your emotions get in the way. At the end of the day, it is the boss who is acting unprofessionally and you should never ever provide any fodder for him or her to make any claim against your ability to be a good employee.  It is important to keep a log of each act of inappropriate behavior. And then report the log to the Human Resources Department. HR is obligated to deal with such issues in a very structured and fair manner. The most important thing, and this cannot be stressed enough, is never reduce yourself to his or her level of unprofessionalism. Even if you decide you have to leave that particular place of employment due to your boss’s horrible behavior, you will be sure to have a much easier time getting a new job so long as you maintained the ability to keep cool and professional with your work and churned out good work product.

You may also get to the point like I did where you realize that you just don’t like going to an office and being an employee! There are other options out there of course so long as you believe in yourself. For instance trading stocks or options as I discussed in this Legal Insider Bot review, is one way to make a lot of money (potentially) without needing to deal with difficult personalities!


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